Nitin Khanna on How to Overcome Mental Stress through Meditation

Stress is actually a negative state of mind, which we come across in our everyday life. When we are overburdened with the large amount of work, or get through a poor financial crisis, it is common for an individual to have stress. However, staying in stress for so long can ruin your living conditions. Therefore, once you recognize some of the signs of this illness, it is important for you to learn the ways to overcome this stressful condition and regain your joy of living.

The Effects of Mental Stress

Psychological stress adversely impacts an individual both physically as well as mentally. Physical effects may vary from migraines and headaches to problems with digestion, strokes, heart attack, ulcers, nausea, dizziness, and so forth. Mental effects may include tension, lack of sleep, lack of focus and concentration, inexplicable fears, irrationality, anger, moodiness, indecision, and many more. Though there are many medications and treatments that can help relieve these problems, more and more people nowadays are learning how they can overcome stress through the meditation.

Guided Meditation to Relax Mind and Soul

Guided Meditation is also called as guided imagery or visualization. It is the method of meditation in which you form mental images of situations or places you find relaxing.

It is a natural means to reduce the strain and burdens in your life, especially when practiced regularly. The simplest way to approach relaxation is to spare some time from your hectic schedule and look at the positive aspects of your life, listen to faith building quotations and stories, enjoy creation, relax with your favorite music and take proper rest. During this time, you will be focusing on your mind and heart, so, do not allow negative emotions and thoughts to build up and empower you.

It helps you look at the positive aspects of your situation. By emphasizing on the positivity, you achieve the peace of mind, body and spirit, which in turn enables you to face the situation more wisely.

Meditation is a proven solution to reduce stress. It is a simple procedure to put into your daily practice routine. It can help you live a more gratifying life. So, incorporate meditation into your life to reap the positive effects of a more cheerful & happy existence.

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Dr. Nitin Khanna

Dr. Nitin Khanna graduated from the Mount Sinai School. He is one of the most well known dietitian in Portland, Oregon and holds 100% record in curing diabetes with his diet plans.

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