The Physical and Mental Benefits of Power Yoga by Nitin Khanna

Physical Benefits

  • Increases strength and flexibility which ultimately helps in reducing the risk of injury during other physical activities.
  • Eliminates toxins through sweat and improves the performance of the immune system, even more than the regular Hatha yoga.
  • Though low impact, power yoga is a highly effective exercise. Contrasting to the high intensity workouts such as weight lifting or sprinting, power yoga is an activity accessible to all age groups.
  • Power yoga provides an alternate method for strengthening bones. While traditional weight-bearing exercises strengthen the bones and fight off osteoporosis, power yoga does the same without weight-lifting.
  • Power yoga increases the flow of blood flow. It thins the blood by making platelets less sticky and reducing the level of clot promoting proteins which leads to a decrease in heart attacks and strokes.
  • It promotes weight loss, not only by burning calories but also by building lean muscle mass, which raises your basal metabolic rate.

Mental Benefits

  • Power yoga improves mood by increasing GABA, the brain chemical, in which the low levels are linked to depression. Practicing power yoga increases the levels of GABA by 27%.
  • Power yoga improves confidence and self-esteem and helps in lowering stress levels.
  • It improves the quality of sleep. Not an insomniac? It also helps in achieving a deeper, restorative sleep, even if you are taking the same amount of it.
  • Power yoga improves memory and concentration more than vigorous cardio, such as running on a treadmill.


Dr. Nitin Khanna

Dr. Nitin Khanna graduated from the Mount Sinai School. He is one of the most well known dietitian in Portland, Oregon and holds 100% record in curing diabetes with his diet plans.

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